56 Best Blog Post Titles to Grab Attention and Increase Traffic to Your Site

Here are the best blog post titles to get more eyeballs on your website or blog

If you use written content on your niche blog, you know how important blog post titles are. If you don’t have a compelling headline, you won’t get traffic. Here are the 56 Best Blog Post Headlines that will compel your audience to click on your post and read it. It’s downloadable and printable (see below).

Do You Earn Money From Your Blog?

Best Blog Post Titles to Grab Attention

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I’m assuming you monetize your blog. So if you want to earn a decent income online we all know that you need to get traffic. And to get traffic we need those clicks on our post links. If your post title is awful, you won’t get traffic.

There is an art to writing a good blog post. But before you even get to the content, you need a good headline. Without an engaging headline, no one will ever see your content. No one will ever bother to click on your post to read it.

The post title is everything. There’s no point monetizing your site if you never get any traffic. Have you ever considered how much more you could be earning just by changing your post H1 title?

The Quickest Way to Catchy Blog Post Titles

It’s actually worth putting some effort into post headlines. This is a skill you can practise. By writing more post titles than you need, you’re actually honing your writing skills.

Try this exercise to create the best blog post titles…

Choose one of your blog posts and re-write the title of it. Try to think of 5-10 alternatives.

First identify what type of post it is. Is it a list post? Perhaps you’re using a resources post? What if it’s an inspirational post? Is it based on your own experiences?

Now, go to the free download below and see example headlines you can use for your blog post. Once you’ve used the ones suggested in the Best Blog Post Headlines giveaway, then start thinking of a few more from your own ideas.

How many did you come up with? Could you think of 10 alternatives to the title you used in the original post?

Now is the fun part.

You can poll your family. Or put an online survey on your site. Or use Facebook to ask what friends prefer. If you have a list, ask your audience to tell you which headline they like best, and why.

By asking people what they prefer, you’ll start to see a pattern in what your audience relates to. You’ll see what engages them in your niche.

By getting a better feel for the best choices of post title, you’ll write better in the future.

You don’t need to run a survey every time you write a new post. But if you want to make an improvement in your H1 headings it’s worth doing this exercise a few times and seeing whether other people agree with your own choice.

You might be surprised.

Not only do you get to improve your post headlines, but you also get people involved in your blog. Perhaps they will be curious to see what other changes you’re making.

So, remember, aim for 10 blog post titles and then choose one from those ten.

If this sounds like hard work to you, it probably means you’re the person who will benefit from it most. Try it, you might just surprise yourself.

Should I Use Clickbait in My Blog Post Titles?

In a word, no. But that’s not the real answer. Clickbait headlines do actually work, but it depends on your niche.

If you’re trying to be genuine (which you should be) you’ll want this to be reflected in your blog. And if you’re trying to build a list, probably best not to use clickbait. If you’re trying to build a relationship with your audience, try not to use clickbait.

It works in the short term but people get really sick of it. The content almost never lives up to the expectations hinted at in the headline.

When people start to realize this, they avoid clickbait’y headlines at all costs. Most people are time-poor and they don’t want to waste time reading a lengthy post only to realize that they never really got an answer to what the post title promised it would deliver.

If you honestly think you can deliver written content that is as good as the clickbait headline promises, then go for it. If not, steer clear. You’ll only burn your audience.

Added Benefits of Improving Your Blog Post Title Skills

If you want to hone your skills on writing headlines, the benefit can also spill over into other areas.

Consider using these new headlines you’ve created in:

  • newsletters
  • email subject lines
  • infographics
  • social media
  • digital products

Your writing skills will improve and if you need to write a sales page for a product, you’ll also be able to use these types of headlines to write copy.

Are You Guilty of This?

A lot of bloggers, affiliate marketers, digital product creators and other owners of online businesses fail to take time to practise the skills they need.

If you’re one of these people, consider how much extra money you could be earning online if you get this right. Don’t just settle for done. Go back and review your blog posts with a new appreciation for the H1 title.

Re-write those titles, choose the best one and reap the benefits of improving your headline writing skills.

✅ Grab the free download on the form below. You get 56 Best Blog Post Titles. You can print it out and stick it on your white board. Or just save it on your computer to refer back to. Every time you go to write a new blog post, refer to this helpful list for the best ideas.

Best Blog Post Titles to Grab Attention

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