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The Trick to Productivity is Getting the Basics Right

Most people underestimate the value of tiny little steps that all add up to consistency.

When most people think of productivity they think of the big ideas, the systems they need to implement or the software they need to purchase.

But productivity starts with the basics. If you can start developing a mindset of consistency you’ve set yourself up for improvement in productivity from the beginning.

This is true whether you’re starting a new side hustle or trying to grow your existing business. You can also use it in your personal life to achieve any goal you’ve set for yourself.

When most people are feeling frustrated about not achieving a certain goal, it’s usually because they start and stop so much that they’ve forgotten where they were up to. Everyone regrets this inconsistency later.

When you think about a goal that you want to achieve right now, you can probably imagine how much better it would have been if you had just stuck to the plan and seen it through to completion.

You may be secretly envious of others who have set their mind to something and worked on it little by little until the task was done. And you ask yourself why you haven’t done the same. It doesn’t help to look back and beat yourself up about what could have been.

All that does is waste time and serve to demotivate you in the process. Instead, you need to adopt a different approach that doesn’t focus as much on the end result as it does the habit of progressing toward the finish line on a regular basis.

Inconsistency is something that plagues people in many different areas of their lives. Whether it’s trying to achieve a financial target, working toward a new business setup, or something else – without continual action, they will never cross the finish line.

Consistency also varies depending on what you are applying it to. For example, there might be something you do all the time as you work toward setting up a new business online but you’re not taking the same approach to the money-making tasks. Consistency must apply across all the relevant activities you need to complete.

For your ultimate goal, you want to think about what it would take in order for you to get the results you want, and how a mindset of consistent progress could finally help you get there.

The secret is out… this idea of consistency is nothing more than a habit that needs to be cultivated by you.

Give yourself some grace in going through the learning process and know that you might have a couple of setbacks before you find your groove and finally approach your goal using this approach.

Discovering the Productivity Mindset

For reasons only known to you, you might be holding yourself back with a perfection mindset. This is something that hinders many people when striving for something they want.

It serves as an excuse to not make progress, even though logically, they know that’s what they want. You might feel paralyzed by indecision or fear that what you are doing is not right or good enough.

Or maybe it is procrastination that is stopping you working more productively.

So instead of plowing through and making progress in spite of your beliefs, you stay stuck. This can cause you to have an outlook full of self-doubt that weighs down every decision you make from that point on.

Every person who has ever achieved their goal has been met with moments where they did something imperfect. What’s worse is that if you are openly discussing it with others, either in your private life or online, you’ll often hear feedback that is detrimental and critical, solidifying your belief that you made the wrong decision to go forward.

But keep in mind that this is just human nature for people to want to have input about what others are doing. It doesn’t mean that you are wrong. All it means is that they would have done things differently, if at all.

But their life is different from yours. You have unique goals that are precious to yourself, which means you have to remove them from the equation when you are analyzing your efforts.

Before you even begin a journey, go ahead and tell yourself that you are going to make mistakes and it’s okay to do so. To force yourself to stress over every obstacle or mishap is against everything you want in your life, it simply hinders your progress.

If you are resilient against criticism and self doubt, you’ll be able to make incremental progress that leads to substantial results in the end. Think about a goal you want to achieve and make a realistic time frame for it to happen.

Create a realistic schedule that will allow you to be consistent without having to stress or worry that you won’t stick to something. Choose an amount of time for each day and make sure it isn’t more than you can handle. You want to aim for consistency more than any kind of sprint attempt.

Stop waiting for perfection, whether it’s a perfect day that you want to unfold or a perfect time to choose to get started.

You want to take action quickly and push through those pivotal moments where your progress might be impacted if you stop and think about it.

Knowing there will be Hurdles

There will be hurdles in your way as you try to achieve your goals, and instead of trying to avoid them completely, accept that they are going to happen and then have a plan to work through them.

Some people don’t like to admit it, but you might lack motivation to achieve your goals. You might be in a comfort zone that is currently outweighing your desire to shake things up and achieve success.

Another roadblock you might have is overwhelm. When you start thinking of a large goal, whether it is earning $1,000 per month or earning $100,000 per month, it can be quite intimidating for you to think about what it takes to get there from where you are now.

It might be a simple case where you don’t know where to begin. This has to be planned out so that you’re not constantly starting a project to achieve a goal, only to find yourself floundering because you didn’t plan ahead.

For example, setting up a printables shop online has lots of moving parts. You need to be able to host the shop, list products for sale, take payments and communicate with your customers. Each step along the way should be broken down into multiple parts.

If you are prone to distractions, you need to recognize that an online business allows you to access social media and distracting internet news articles every time you sit down to work – another reason to focus on consistently taking tiny steps so you actually achieve your work instead of getting distracted.

Checking in With Yourself

You may need to have a plan where you consistently check in with yourself about the ultimate goal you are working towards so that you can see the end result and motivate yourself, yet spend time immersed in the small, individual steps it will take to get there.

Measurement of consistency can take many forms. Use a journal, a printable tracker, a workbook, or take the old-fashioned route and handwrite in a notebook to record your progress.

Daily Habits Can Contribute to Productivity

Most people know this but they don’t admit it to themselves… there are some issues you may have in one part of your life that can affect other parts. These are typically lifestyle habits that can sabotage even the most well-meaning person from achieving their goals.

You know what’s coming, yes, problems with time management.

If you can embrace a more defined schedule, such as going to sleep at the same time each day and waking up at the same time where you are not tired or rushing to complete your work, it can help you have time in your day to consistently achieve progress on your goal.

This is important if you’re setting up a new business online such as a printables shop. You might be focusing on a different task each day and you need to be able to set aside time to focus on all the requirements.

Even after you’ve set up your business, you need to constantly add fresh content. If you have good daily habits you can easily build your inventory of printable products to be listed for sale.

It’s good to get in a routine for your morning, afternoon, and night as well as weekdays versus weekends so that you know when your schedule is free for you to work on your goal.

But you can’t just carve out some time and assume you’ll know how to fill it. You have to have a good. If you have no free time to work on your goal, it may be a sign that you have over scheduled yourself or over-committed yourself to someone else’s needs.

Don’t Go Overboard with Work

In addition to your time management habits, make sure you are resting your mind and engaging in things that bring you pleasure.

Some people simply burn out with work. Not only will you not achieve your goals this way, you’ll also jeopardize your health.

You have to have a little bit of time off to recharge both your physical and mental state. This is why consistency is so important because you can schedule your consistent actions as well as your rest time. Be consistent in all areas of your life.

Productivity is important but if you start with the basics it will catapult your efforts toward your goal faster.

And if you want to start a side hustle like a printable products business, taking those tiny steps each and every day is critical to your success.

Start today and make an action plan with bite-sized steps to get you into the habit of being consistent with your progress.

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