[Part 2] Secret Tricks for Finding Hot Products When Learning How to Earn Money Through Amazon

How to Earn Money Through AmazonThis is Part 2 of the four-part series on how to earn money through Amazon. You’ve learnt why Amazon is a great place from which to promote products. You know people will trust buying from Amazon and therefore trust your affiliate links. So, now it’s time to choose the best products to promote.

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Picking a Hot Amazon Niche

So you’re ready to begin, but first you need to choose a niche. It is easy to get drawn in by the possibilities offered by becoming an Amazon affiliate. This is especially because it allows you the luxury of running a business with the economic benefits of ecommerce without the logistical headaches.

But now you might be wondering “how do I get started?”. Well, as with everything good and profitable in life, you need to start in incremental steps. And you have to start by thinking about what you are going to promote to start making money through Amazon.

What? Did you think that this would be as easy as just putting a lot of Amazon product links on a website and then calling it a day? Well good luck with that!

Some people think they can start any old website and earn money as an affiliate. If you want to learn how to earn money through Amazon, that is not the way to do it.

It is rare to see an affiliate achieving success promoting a variety of different products on the one website. If your readers come to your site because you’re reviewing headsets they’re going to expect to see headsets. They will become alarmed if they then see you promoting dishwashers on the same site. If you’re meant to be an expert on headsets, why are you selling dishwashers? You need to narrow down your niche to one area.

The first step into becoming a successful affiliate marketer is finding the best type of profitable niche products. These are the ones that are going to make you the most money as an affiliate. This is a good start to learn how to earn money through Amazon.

Start by Checking the Advertising Fee rates

While you’re learning how to earn money through Amazon, we recommend you take a look at the percentages. These are the advertising fee rates associated with each product category.  Do this before picking a niche to promote.

Why? Because these fee rates combined with the price of your final sales will determine the final commissions you earn. The total earnings is determined through commissions on your Amazon affiliate sales.

To find these advertising fees simply go to the Amazon associates homepage and click on “advertising fees”. Scroll down to the “Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories”. This is where you will find the current fee rates for specific product categories.

These can be changed by Amazon at any time. Tut they often stay the same for a long time in between changes.

As you can see, fees vary from category to category, and some are higher than others. This will be important in one of our next steps in learning how to earn money through Amazon.

Find Popular and Best Selling Categories

A good starting point is to simply select to promote niche products that belong in very popular categories. A good way to find popular categories and best seller products is by going to “Amazon.com/bestsellers”. Here you will find up to date and real-time information. It tells you about which products and niches are the most popular among Amazon customers.

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the most popular niche products are consumer goods and every day products. These include categories such as clothing, electronics, baby care, personal care, appliances.  Also, the categories of automotive, fitness, sports, and home improvement.  Furthermore, you can find these popular categories listed on the left side of the page.

When you’re first starting out learning how to earn money through Amazon an easy way to figure out when products in a niche are selling like hot cakes is when their categories are featured on Amazon’s bestsellers section. This is in the case of the “electronics” category, which we are going to check.

Look for High-Priced Products to Promote

Once you find a popular category, make sure that there are products that can make you a profit there. You see, when you want to know how to earn money through Amazon, there are two approaches to earning by commission as an affiliate. You either earn by selling lots of low priced products or you earn big by selling high priced products.

Take for example that you decide to promote cheap Bluetooth headphones.  This might be because they sell fast. But have in mind that a low priced product won’t make you much relative to the product’s fee rate. Also, that most of these items are bought directly from the marketplace.

The best approach may be to find a niche with higher priced items. In our example, we are going to select “home theater systems” as our niche. This is because home theater systems are some of the most expensive items found in the “electronics” category.

Another benefit of picking high priced niche products to promote is that people spending high amounts of money on a single product like to make informed purchases.

This means they tend to search for information on multiple sites before deciding on a product. These searches will direct organic search engine traffic to your affiliate site. If you offer the information they’re looking for, you’re helping them make their buying decision.

Another benefit is that high price items are bought by a portion of the population with good spending power. This means that people buying one of your expensive products are also likely to buy something else through your affiliate link. Hence making you a larger commission.

Things like this are important when you’re just starting to learn how to earn money through Amazon because they help you decide on your product selection.

Will Lower Priced Items Get You Started?

Of course, choosing higher priced items sounds like more commission for less work but there’s another aspect to consider. When you’re starting out it is important to start earning some money through Amazon rather than aiming for high ticket items but earning no money.

High ticket items can often be in more competitive niches.

When you’re learning how to earn money through Amazon, not only does a sale boost your confidence but it also gets Amazon to confirm your application to become an affiliate. If you feel more comfortable going after lower priced items then go for it.

When you are learning how to earn money through Amazon it is important to keep the bigger picture in mind. Sometimes you need to start small to learn how to earn online. After you’ve started making sales you can ramp up your products to higher priced items on the same website. Or in the alternative, start a second website in another niche to promote these higher ticket items.

It’s a personal choice but you really should know that both strategies are viable.

Selecting some Hot Products to Promote

So, by now you are probably all pumped up about becoming an Amazon affiliate, and with good reason! You have seen how easy it can be to find good niches to promote when you know how to do it right. This is a great start when your wanting to find out how to earn money through Amazon.

And we wouldn’t be surprised to know that you already found the ones to promote on your Amazon affiliate site. Because after all, you’re following the steps that were taught above! But we are not done with that just yet.

You see, once people find a good niche to promote, they tend to think that it will be enough to just review lots of products on their niche of choice. They put the links in and call it a day. But you will hardly make good money by doing so.

This is why in this chapter we are going to show, step by step, the secret strategy behind selecting the hottest products in your niche!

Best Seller Lists Are the key

The Amazon list of best sellers is a great source of information about what you should promote as an Amazon affiliate. This is especially because these best sellers lists will tell you which products are top sellers in the marketplace.

Another benefit of looking at these best sellers lists is that you will be getting up to date information about hot selling products.

This means you can be aware of which products are trending so you can leverage their traffic. This list is continuously updated and gives you the best indication of where you’ll find success.

How can you select hot products to promote from the Best Sellers Lists?

In the paragraphs above, we showed you how to easily find a best sellers section for all product categories by going to the “Amazon.com/bestsellers” URL. From there, you can easily find which of the hottest products are both in your niche and in your niche’s category.

The way the Amazon best sellers page is designed will make it easier to find the hottest products in your niche’s category first. Start by going to the link leading to your niche’s category on the left. In our example, we click on “electronics”.

Here you will be able to find every best seller product on every other niche from your niche’s category. You will be able to locate your niche on the subcategory menu on the left, in our case “home audio and theater”.

Note how you will find every best selling product from this subcategory. But because you need to find the products in your niche, you will have to look on the left side menu. In our case, we click on “home theater systems”.

Now let’s click on “complete home theater systems” because those are the higher priced products that we are going to promote on our affiliate site. Remember that these will vary depending on the products that you select.

Finding the Top Performers in Your Niche

This is a fun part when you’re learning how to earn money through Amazon. Once you find the best selling products in your niche you will be able to sort them out. And select the hottest ones. Choose from the “hot new releases” “most wished for”, and “gift ideas” lists found in the best sellers section of your niche product.

The “hot new releases” lists can give you ideas about new products that can be marketed to people that are always on the lookout for the newest products and gadgets. These lists are especially good if you are promoting electronics, video games and smart devices.

The “most wished for” lists can give you a very good idea about purchasing intent. This is because these items are always added to wish lists by people that are going to buy these items on a later date. Hence making these products worthwhile for promotion.

And the “gift ideas” lists will give you a good idea of what items most people consider to be nice gifts. This is because these are the items that Amazon users are gifting to others, which you can casually mention on your product promotions.

If you want success, earning money through Amazon, then use Amazon as your research tool. This is such a great place to start when you’re learning how to earn money through Amazon.

This is the easiest way to find the hottest and most profitable products to promote as an affiliate on the Amazon marketplace.

Creating Product Oriented Content

After you choose your niche and select some hot products to promote you’ll need to create your website and sign up for the Amazon associates program to create your Amazon associates account. But before I talk about your website I want to cover another topic: content.

For a lot of people who want to learn how to earn money through Amazon the hardest part of the process is creating content.  Content on your site will determine if you make it or if you break it as an Amazon affiliate.

We are of course talking about the part where you finally start writing for your Amazon affiliate website, because content is what will attract buyers to your information and your links. But why do we say that this is the hardest part?

We say it because creating content for affiliate sites is not easy for the most part. And that is exactly where most affiliate marketers fail. Because of that I’m going to show you how to create amazing content for your Amazon affiliate sites the easy way.

After all, creating awesome product oriented content for your affiliate sites comes down to following a series of easy to apply strategies. So jump on board and let me guide you all the way through. It’s easy once you know what you’re doing.

Building Product Oriented Pages

Product oriented pages are used in affiliate marketing sites to promote Amazon affiliate offers, and the goal of these pages is to drive traffic to any given product page on Amazon and foster sales. So, in short these pages are designed to generate affiliate income on Amazon affiliate websites.

Let’s check what a nice looking, product oriented money page looks like. The first thing that you will notice is that a product oriented page is full of product oriented content.  You’ll include profitable keywords, product images that link to affiliate offers and long, evergreen product oriented written content.


We recommend you look at successful Amazon affiliate sites that promote stuff related to your niche for inspiration.

In our case, we are looking at “thewirecutter.com”, an Amazon affiliate site that gets over 8 million unique visitors each month and that generates affiliate income in the millions.

The strategies that we are about to reveal next are being used by the most successful and most profitable Amazon affiliate sites around, so pay good attention and start applying them as well.

Use Profitable Keywords

“Profitable keywords” are keywords that drive purchasing intent. They are used by people to search for information about products on any given niche when they are ready to make a purchase.

Note that these keywords are not merely used to find product information. They are used for research by people that like to make informed purchases. When you’re learning how to earn money through Amazon you need to focus on what you’re reader wants when they come to your website.

See how profitable keywords are used in an affiliate site. As they are not targeting “gaming headphone” but “best gaming headphone”, which is a long tail keyword. These are used by people looking into buying the best gaming headphone available.

So what are affiliates doing here? They are using these long tail keywords so people looking for the “best headphone” or the “best air conditioner” land on these pages. And you can combine “best” with “cheap” to target people looking for the best equipment on a budget.

To give you an example with our niche, we are not going to target “best home theater systems”, but “best 7.1 receivers”. To make sure that a keyword is profitable, go to the Amazon homepage and type it in the search bar. If it is highlighted in the results, then it is indeed profitable!

Profitable keywords should also include brand names in some circumstances, and they have to be used on the title of your product oriented pages, throughout your content and on your tags.

Product Images

Images of products will always drive engagement, period, and you have to use a wide variety of them into your product oriented pages in order to motivate people into buying the products that you are promoting.

Product images work because people mostly make purchasing decisions based on how attractive the products look on product pages.

It is very important that the images that you feature on your product oriented pages link to their respective Amazon product pages. Product images are best used at the top of your content. Amazon.com likes you using their own product images obtained through the Site Stripe with your built in affiliate link.

Quality Written Content

Of course, your product pages would be nothing without cool and informative written content. They will be geared towards telling your visitors what your products are all about. Also you should tell them why they should make a purchasing decision right when they finish reading, perhaps before!

In order to achieve this you have to go beyond reviewing the product or stating your opinion on the product. You have to answer the question that your visitors were trying to answer when they landed on your product page in the first place.

Where to start with your writing

Start by describing what the product is, what its benefits are and why people should buy it. For example, if you target the “best” keyword for your product, explain why it is the best, and so on.

Ideally, you should have tried the product that you are writing about, but we know that this is not only difficult, but quite expensive. So, a good starting point is to simply go to the product page on Amazon. Once there, check the title and the product description to get information about the product.

Also check the “sponsored products related to this item” and the “customers who bought this item also bought” horizontal lists so you can casually compare the product that you are writing about against similar products. It can be useful to insert affiliate products for other items and increase revenue.

Lastly, check the “customer reviews”. Check the most relevant reviews on each scale, from 5 stars to 1 star to see what customers think about it, so you can use this information on a “pros” and “cons” section for your product page.

How long should your content be?

As a final piece of advice, try to make your written content from 2,000 to 2,500 words long in order to make it relevant on search engine results. Follow these simple strategies and you will be succeeding as an affiliate sooner than you might expect. This is the point you want to get to right from the start when you’re learning how to earn money through Amazon.

Although it can be hard to write good original content when you first begin, it’s really a matter of practice.  The more you try it the better you’ll get.

To make the writing easier, start with a product you own and have tested at home. With the familiarity you will find your writing flows better. Be honest and genuine in your views. Write what you know about the product and do plenty of research on what you don’t know the answer to.

⇒ Now, while you’re beginning to write your content let’s move on to Part 3 in this four-part series on how to earn money through Amazon. Click here to read Part 3 and learn how to create your website.

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