[Part 1] Best Legitimate Way to Learn How to Make Money Online with Amazon

Part 1 How to Make Money Online with AmazonWhen I first realized there were people earning full time income online I thought “I’ve got to get in on this”. I wanted to get away from my headache-inducing, long-hours-required job. The problem was, instead of finding out how to make money online with Amazon, I looked at everything else that didn’t include Amazon (big mistake).

I made lots of mistakes along the way. First, I started building websites and never finished them. Later, I ordered done-for-you businesses only to find I couldn’t relate to them and I needed to do my own thing.

Of course I knew I wanted to earn money online but I didn’t know, where was the best place to start.

You may be wondering:

“Where do I start, exactly?”

At the beginning I earned a little bit of money from ads but it took me years to make money from affiliate marketing.

I wish I’d started with the right information from the beginning. But there weren’t as many courses available then as there are now. To make online money I had to take some chances. One of the first courses I followed turned out to be a scam which not only wasted my money (it was four hundred dollars) but it also dented my confidence in affiliate marketing as a business.

If only I’d started out being an Amazon affiliate!  This is where I made my first real money online with affiliate marketing.

If you do it right, you can definitely make money with Amazon. Don’t make the mistakes I made, get the right advice from the beginning and enjoy success.

So, we’re going to start at the beginning…

How to Make Money Online with Amazon

This is the first part in a four-part series. You’ll get information on how to start making money with Amazon through their Associates Program.

This means you don’t have to sell your own products. You’ll be promoting other people’s products and making a commission.

What’s Amazon.com all about?

I’m pretty sure you’re not new to this planet but…let’s get started by saying I’m quite certain you know what Amazon.com is, but in the unlikely event that we have someone among us who doesn’t, I can easily tell what it is in a few words: Amazon.com is the single largest ecommerce retailer in the world.

That’s right! Amazon.com is the leading platform in the online retailer industry, and millions of people around the globe enjoy its unparalleled quality of service and reach on a daily basis, but is that all there is to know about Amazon.com? If you want to learn how to make money online with Amazon you need to know what it’s about.

Well, while the truth is that Amazon.com has built its reputation around being the most popular super store that you can find on the internet, it is also true that it is much, much more, and you might find yourself surprised about the things that it has achieved, so let’s find out!


Amazon.com is all about providing the best that it can, be it delivering great service or products, but it is also about empowering people from all walks of life. This is one of the reasons you want to learn how to make money online with Amazon.

They do this by allowing them to use its unique platform in order to fuel their passion, earn a well-deserved living and transform their lives!


Transforming people’s lives is not possible if they are not given opportunities to do so, and that is why Amazon has made its platform available for people that want to unleash their ideas and create something that others can find in the Amazon marketplace. So your imagination is the limit!

Economic impact

People all around the world are using Amazon to grow their businesses, which has had a positive economic impact not only for the people using the platform to fulfill their dreams, but also on their communities and on the people that they reach through their enterprising efforts!

In the Community

Amazon wouldn’t be as big as it is now if it weren’t because of its people, and so the company is putting an enormous effort into giving back to the communities that have helped it thrive, with special consideration to those communities where its employees and customers live!


Amazon doesn’t only want to be the best online store there is. It also wants to make ecommerce and technology better overall, for everyone, including its competition!

That is why it has introduced innovations such as drone delivery, one click ordering and Amazon fresh.

Working at Amazon

Amazon is a workplace that is geared towards pushing for excellence and focused execution. Everyone from builders, inventors and innovators are invited to experiment and to perform at their best in order to delight customers and to deliver the kind of services that Amazon is known for!


Amazon is on one hand all about making a good profit, but using a good sum of those profits on making this a better world is its real return on investment. That said, Amazon is putting forth great efforts to achieve 100% renewable energy usage for its business!

Why am I Telling You This About Amazon?

So why am I telling you all about what Amazon stands for?

Well, at the beginning, when I first started trying to earn money online I read some information about the low commission rates Amazon pays out to its affiliates. The person writing was supposedly an internet marketing guru and he recommended against promoting Amazon.

He thought you should go with online businesses that paid higher rate commissions.

This might be the right approach for more successful affiliates but I eventually learned that when you’re starting out you need to go with a retailer that consumers feel comfortable buying from.

Yes, it’s true I’ve made money at much higher commission rates by promoting products from other business but when you’re starting out you really want to be with Amazon because you’re still gaining your readers’ trust.

And Amazon’s brand and reputation makes it easy to close the sale. So when you’re starting out and you want to learn how to make money online with Amazon, don’t get distracted by other affiliate programs.

People trust Amazon and they love shopping online with Amazon for convenience. Why would you make life more difficult and go with another online retailer?

How do you make money with Amazon as an affiliate?

There is no doubt that Amazon.com is a money making monster, not only for its founder but for everyone involved. Did you know that basically everyone with a computer and an internet connection can make money with Amazon?

Well, yes! Amazon.com has a wide variety of options when it comes to using its platform as a money printing machine: you can become an Amazon seller, you can offer your services, you can sell your own apps and self-publish your books or music.

But there is a more novel approach to money making offered by Amazon to make what is known as a passive income for yourself, and that is by becoming an Amazon affiliate, which will allow you to make money by selling stuff on Amazon without having to stock products of your own! So rather than finding out how to sell stuff online, learn how to make money online with Amazon as an affiliate.

What is an Amazon affiliate?

To learn how to make money online with Amazon you need to understand what an Amazon affiliate is.

And you need to learn what affiliate marketing is first. Affiliate marketing is just promoting products sold by others in order to drive a sale and earn money by commission. In this case you will be earning money from products being sold on the Amazon marketplace.

How do you become an Amazon affiliate?

So let’s learn how to make money online with Amazon as an affiliate by signing up. Becoming an Amazon affiliate is as simple as going to the Amazon homepage and logging in to your Amazon account, then scrolling all the way down to the “make money with us” section and clicking on “become an affiliate”.

Okay, so there’s a little bit more to it than that. But that’s the basic concept.

What needs to be done before you apply…

Before you apply to become an Amazon affiliate it’s best if you have your website set up (they will ask for the URL). Amazon likes to see you have visitors of more than 500 per month but if you don’t, it won’t stop you applying.

It’s best to be able to show Amazon a website with high quality content and nothing spammy about it.

Of course, that’s what you’d be creating anyway because a low quality, spammy website with lots of ads or affiliate links and no good content is not going to perform these days.

Whether you’re pleasing Google, other search engines, your readers or Amazon, it really comes down to offering value to your target audience through quality content.

You apply to become an Amazon affiliate and when you make your first sale within a certain number of months you are accepted by Amazon into their program.

Don’t worry, if you apply and don’t make your first sale within the required number of days/months you can re-apply when you’re ready (at least that’s what I did because I was distracted with other life events and didn’t get my product sales started until after the time I had planned at the beginning).

Of course, Amazon can change their rules at any time, so it’s best to only sign up as an affiliate once you’re ready to promote their products.

 How do you make money with Amazon as an affiliate?

Now, what you really want to know – how to make money online with Amazon, what do you need to do? 

To make money with Amazon as an affiliate you will simply have to promote products from the Amazon marketplace, and with over a million products available it should not be hard to find a good product and a ready-to-buy audience for it.

And there are lots and lots of product categories that you can promote. From video games to televisions, from PC components to toys and jewelry. What’s more, you will be able to promote stuff from broader categories too. These include Amazon gift cards, digital music and Amazon devices. With commissions ranging from as low as 4% to as high as 10% depending on the category.

Now, how do you promote these items to make money? The answer to that is that you have multiple channels to promote your offers from, the most popular being affiliate websites, but you can easily use social media pages as well.

You can link to any Amazon product by simply grabbing the item URL from Amazon itself whether from your website or by way of Facebook or twitter updates, to give you an example.

Also use customized product links to show product information on your affiliate sites, as well as stylish graphical banners.

You will only need to offer value to your referrals by creating product oriented content to guide people into making informed purchasing decisions.

Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing is your best choice

So far you have been able to see how it is that Amazon.com can be a goldmine. It’s because anyone interested in putting in the effort to help Amazon push sales of products in its own marketplace will be rewarded. But you are also aware that Amazon did not invent this business practice. Here we are talking about how to make money online with Amazon but there are other ways to make money online as well.

In fact, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize web content and there are people out there killing it with what are commonly known as “CPA” or “cost per action” networks, and you might be tempted to try that out too.

But the truth is that, as good as CPA networks are, they come with their own disadvantages, one of them being how difficult it is to get started on any CPA network. Another disadvantage of promoting CPA offers from these networks is that they sometimes can look spammy.

As an Amazon affiliate though you will have the backing of the most recognizable brand in the online retail space. And because of this people won’t think twice on clicking any link that leads to an Amazon product page. Everybody loves and trusts Amazon to an insane degree! So let’s take a quick look at reasons why Amazon affiliate marketing is the best choice for you!

Amazon is a trusted brand

We already mentioned that Amazon is a loved and trusted brand, but how far does this go? Well, Amazon.com is the number one ecommerce retailer, visited by over 250 million people in any given month. Ask anyone where they last bought something online and they will tell you that they did it on Amazon. This is why you’ll probably come to realize that you want to learn how to make money online with Amazon rather than another retailer.

High Commissions that add up

Of course, you want to learn how to make money online with Amazon because of the earnings. With a base rate of 4% commission, you might think that making money on Amazon would take you a lot of time.

But keep in mind that these earnings add up with each sale, and that commission rates can be up to 10% depending on the product category.

You earn by each sale, not by product

Basically, every affiliate network out there will pay you only when you make a sale for a specific product or service. But here’s the different with Amazon. It makes you money for every purchase made by anyone that lands on Amazon through any of your affiliate links. This is one of the big reasons you want to learn how to make money online with Amazon.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are promoting treadmills and somebody instead buys a TV through your Amazon affiliate link. You make money from each sale. This means that if someone ends up making a $5,000 purchase through a link on a $10 product, guess what? Yes, you still make a commission off that $5,000 sale!

It is easy to set up

Becoming an Amazon affiliate will only take you about 5 to 10 minutes of your time. You will simply need to login to your Amazon account, then sign up to the Amazon associates program and you are good to go!

Of course, this is assuming you have your website set up with content on it already.

Joining Amazon as an affiliate is free and once you’ve made your first sale your approval is confirmed. They will email you to let you know when this happens.

How Do I Take Action and Do This?

Now that you know the legitimate way on how to make money online with Amazon, let’s take a look at the way to pick the best products to promote…

⇒ Read more in [Part 2] Secret Tricks for Finding Hot Products When Learning How to Earn Money Through Amazon. As you know this is a free four-part series. Click the link to learn how to start your successful business as an Amazon affiliate marketer today.


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