IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing Review and Bonuses

IM Checklist 4 Affiliate Marketing Review headerThis is the latest checklist from Kevin Fahey. If you’ve already bought the first 3 you’ll know how good these are. In this IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing Review you’ll learn what’s included. The content is completely different to Kevin’s other checklists so you won’t want to miss this valuable opportunity to use the same methods he uses in his 7 figure business.

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IM Checklist 4 Affiliate Marketing Review Kevin Fahey
These are the exact Checklists Kevin Fahey uses in his 7-figure online business.

Breaking News on IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing

The exciting news about Checklist 4 is that it includes PLR rights at no extra cost. Yes! That’s right. You get PLR rights for the original price of the front end product. No cost upgrade for PLR.

This is a huge advantage. As you’ll see later in IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing Review (see below) you can use the PLR rights to create your own products, create blog posts, give to members for free or give to coaching clients. So many opportunities!

What is IM Checklist 4 about?

IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing Review and BonusesThese are the exact checklists Kevin Fahey uses every week in his affiliate marketing business. Kevin is well-known in this industry for good reasons. He runs a 7-figure business online and he’s probably the most genuine guy you’ll find in affiliate marketing.

Kevin over-delivers by giving you genuine information. He doesn’t hold back or give you filler content. Everything you get in a product from Kevin Fahey is helpful.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or whether you’re already established in affiliate marketing, these checklists will be useful to everyone. These checklists teach you and save you time as well. And most importantly, you’ll avoid making mistakes by using these.

If you’re wanting to succeed in affiliate marketing you’d be crazy not to get IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing. Your small investment in this product will be rewarded.

Who is IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing for?

IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing is for newbies and experienced marketers. You can use it in the internet marketing niche but you can also use it for affiliate marketing in any niche. Whether you’re in weight loss, health, real estate, CPA, Amazon, ClickBank or even crypto currency, this Checklist 4 will be useful.

Information included in IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing

IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing Review info…

This product includes 19 checklists. These are editable, printable and you can view them in Excel, Google Sheets, Trello or a downloadable PDF.  There’s something for everyone!

Each checklist covers a different area you’ll need to consider in affiliate marketing from those starting from scratch and need to set up accounts right through to traffic and bonuses. These checklists cover it all.

Checklist 1 – Choose the Right Network

This checklist is good for newbies and established marketers. It covers lots of networks for any niche you’re promoting.

Checklist 2 – Abbreviations & Statistics

This checklist includes the must-know definitions for different networks. This is especially important when you’re going into a new niche or starting with a new network. You need to know what their jargon means.

Checklist 3 – Finding a Profitable Niche

You’ll find this useful whether you’re in the making money online niche or another niche.

Checklist 4 -Product Approvel

This checklist is about you approving the product, not about getting approval to promote it (but that is covered in a later checklist).

You’ll find the criteria you need to determine if it is a suitable product for you to promote.

It’s a 10 part checklist to go through every time you take a look at a new offer to potentially promote.

These are creative ideas you won’t have come across before. They will save you time and money. In fact, they will help you make money with better conversions.

Checklist 5 – JVZoo Account Setup

Essential information if you don’t have an account set up yet.

Checklist 6 – JVZoo Product Research

Product research is very important even if you already have an account.

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Checklist 7 – WarriorPlus Account Setup

Handy if you need to set up a new account.

Checklist 8 – WarriorPlus Product Research

Similar to the JVZoo product research checklist.

Checklist 9 – ClickBank Account Setup

Good information is you need an account.

Checklist 10 – ClickBank Product Research

Essential info if you’re wanting to promote ClickBank products.

Checklist 11 – Checking the Launch Calendar

There are many launches every week in many different niches so it’s important to know how to check on them.

Checklist 12 – Affiliate Approval

A lot of people have problems with this so at the beginning this is very important. The techniques taught in this checklist will get you more approvals.

Checklist 13 – Plan Promotions in Advance

The next 7 checklists are what Kevin Fahey uses in his business every single week for affiliate marketing. They will halp you plan promotions and schedule emails.

Checklist 14 – List Building with Affiliate Marketing

This checklist covers all the steps you need to take.

Checklist 15 – Promotion Emails

You’ll learn how to structure your emails and their content to get more sales.

Checklist 16 – Offering and Delivering Bonuses

This checklist covers the different ways of offering and delivering emails. It includes a step-by-step guide. It covers all the networks on how to offer and deliver your bonuses.

Checklist 17 – Product Review

This is an important part of affiliate marketing. If you structure your review correctly you’ll increase your conversions a lot. It covers everything that should be included in your review including bonuses.

Checklist 18 – Free Traffic

This covers all the free traffic methods Kevin uses in his business.

Checklist 19 – Paid Traffic

Similar to checklist 18 but this covers the paid traffic methods as well.

Is IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing for newbies?

IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing review details for newbies…

Yes, this is 100% suitable for newbies. It even covers the details on setting up new accounts on affiliate networks from scratch.

There’s loads of information included in these 19 checklists so as a newbie you’re really getting bang for your buck.  Not only will use the information now but you’ll keep using these checklists throughout your affiliate marketing career.

PLR Rights included in IM Checklist 4

IM Checklist 4 Affiliate Marketing PLR rightsIn addition to receiving top-notch information you can use as an affiliate marketer, you also get PLR rights. There are so many opportunities with this.

Because the product includes 19 checklists you can do so many things with it. All those checklists would be great as content, perfect for creating your own products, or a sought-after give-away or bonus.

For such a small investment you get the PLR rights included at no extra cost. This is a really generous offer.

Upgrades for IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing

Upgrade – Monthly Membership ($17)

This is monthly membership to Kevin’s membership group.  This membership will give you access to 86 additional checklists with PLR rights.  If you’re unsure about this upgrade there is a second option to get the 7-day trial of the membership for $1.

OTO 1 – Reseller Rights ($67)

This gives you reseller rights to IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing.

OTO 2 – IM VIP Training ($197)

This will give you access to Kevin’s IM VIP Training. Kevin has helped many people achieve success online so if you’re ready to undertake IM training, this would be perfect for you.

The Pros of IM Checklist 4

IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing review pros…

The information is easy to access with several different means of viewing it. The product suits newbies as well as established marketers. 

With so much information available in these 19 checklists you’ll keep using these week after week in your own business so you’re getting bang for your buck.

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The Cons of The Banger Method

IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing review cons…

You won’t find too many cons from a product released by Kevin Fahey. At worst I could really only say that there’s so much info included that there’s the risk of you not using it because you don’t download or print or view all the checklists.

It is actually very easy to download all the checklists in one zipped file so you really don’t have any excuse not to use it. All you need to do is click on it to download.

Mitzy’s Bonuses in IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing Review

IM Checklist 4 Affiliate Marketing Review Bonus Banner


Bonus 1: Mitzy Exclusive Bonus

You’ll get the Checklist – What to do Before You Start Making Affiliate Video Reviews. This is a professionally presented checklist with important information if you’re about to start making reviews to put on YouTube. If you’re looking at IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing review to begin making affiliate review videos then this checklist is perfect for you to get started. The checklist is downloadable and printable.

Checklist Review Videos


IM Checklist 4 Review Bonus 2 Banner

Bonus 2: Mitzy Exclusive Bonus

If you buy through a link on this page, IM Checklist 4: Affiliate Marketing review, you’ll get 32 Bonus Banners to use on your bonus page. These images will grab your viewers’ attention and make your bonuses pop. You’ll get Exclusive Bonus banners as well as numbered Bonus banners.

IM Checklist 4 Affiliate Marketing Review banner display


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Bonus 3

Bonus 4
Bonus 5

Bonus 6

Bonus 7

Bonus 8


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