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Improve SEO Latent Semantic Indexing

How to improve SEO…
Back in the good ol’ days of affiliate marketing, keywords were king.

What? I hear you say:

Keywords are not important?

Well, actually they still are, but not in the way most people think.

These days we don’t need to worry about density (read here “keyword stuffing”) and it’s been years since you could get any benefit from highlighting the keywords in your content.

There’s something more important now and it’s called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). This is the golden secret on how to improve Google ranking for free.

Improve SEO

LSI uses analysis to identify patterns in the relationships between the words and the concepts in your written content.

LSI can sound complicated but if you understand how basic seo works, then you’re halfway there. It really is an easy way to improve SEO on your website. It’s a way of putting your keyword in context within your post content. And it helps Google search results.

Search engines like to match up keywords with their appropriate words that place them in context. So, for example, you could be using “dress” as your keyword (yes, this is a simplistic example). Now if a search engine like Google wants to know how to rank your content it needs to know the context in which you are using the word “dress”.

Are you going to dress a wound? Is it a wedding dress? A toddler’s dress? Belle’s yellow dress as a costume from Beauty and the Beast?

You see there are lots of different ways people can be searching for the word dress and Google wants to match up those people with the right keywords.

For this reason it is important that you use the correct words in context in addition to your keyword when you’re trying to rank in the search engines.

So…maybe you think you already know what words you’d like to use in your WordPress blog posts. That’s great. But Google may think differently. And if you want to improve SEO and your Google search results this is important. So how do you know what a search engine is thinking?

Type a word into Google search and look at the results. We’re going to run with the dress example and type in “Belle’s yellow dress”.

Capture for improve seo using lsi

Do you see those words highlighted in the search results above? They are the LSI words you need to look for to help improve SEO:

  • Belle’s yellow gown
  • Yellow
  • Gown
  • Belle gown
  • Belle yellow dress

Maybe you didn’t think about using the word “gown” in your post. Now you’ve got extra ideas on which words are important.  These are the words you need to include in your blog post if you want to rank for the keyword “Belle’s yellow dress”.

Now we can go further. Google gives us more…

Improve SEO

Move down to the bottom of the search results. See the related searches at the bottom of the page? These are more hints on the words to use for LSI.

Let’s take a look…

Capture to Improve SEO with LSI

The highlighted words are the important ones for LSI. When you use these words you assist your audience to find what they’re looking for faster. And you get to rank in the search engines faster. It’s a win-win situation.

Just remember, when you choose your keyword, also choose the other words that complement it in context. Don’t feel like you need to focus too heavily on the keyword itself to improve your Google ranking. Just keep the writing natural and include the obvious words that would be used on your topic. This way, you’ll cover LSI issues without even trying!

LSI should, in reality, help your content flow better. It helps add to your vocabulary for your topic and it gives you hints on the direction to take when you’re writing. These are the bonuses of using LSI to improve SEO.

Now you know the secret to LSI, use it wisely.

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