7 Visual Content Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Blog Posts More Engaging

Visual Content Marketing

Why do I need Visual Content Marketing Tips? …You’ve created your website, you’ve posted content but your session duration stats are dismal. Your readers are not staying on your site long enough. You’re not happy about this, Google’s not happy about it and overall you’re not benefiting at all. It’s time to make those posts more engaging.

I hear you asking…

“What is the secret formula to keep them reading my posts?”

The answer is in one word: visual.  You need to add visual content to create exciting and fascinating posts that your audience is compelled to read.

Here are the 7 Easy Tips you need to make your blog posts more engaging today.

1. Eye-Catching Images

Visual Content MarketingDid you know, 92.6% of people say images are the No. 1 deciding factor when buying products (according to Kissmetrics[1]).

Use large clear images of the product your promoting. This keeps readers interested and engaged.

Use good quality photographs to put a face to your brand.  People relate to a website better when they can see the face of the person behind it.

When your audience sees a person’s face representing the person behind the website they feel a greater sense of trust.

You can show a behind-the-scenes image of how your product is created or something else of interest to your audience. This gives them a feeling of familiarity and helps you with branding your site or product.

Images and photographs, whether they be of people or products, are important so you need to incorporate them into every post.

2. Infographics

Visual Content MarketingHave you seen Pinterest lately? Infographics are shared 3X more than any other piece of content[2].

Infographics compress a lot of information into one image.

And if you use the right colors and fonts that are appropriate for your audience, they’ll stay on that infographic for longer and they’ll share it too.

Obviously if your product is edgy and state-of-the-art you’re more likely to use darker colors and edgy fonts.

If you’re promoting something healthy and fresh then the more natural colors will be useful.

It really does depend on the visitors to your website and what their expectations are.

Visual content marketing with infographics makes lengthy information a lot easier to follow.

Content that looks long and boring will likely turn your readers away. Infographics help to engage your audience yet still share lengthy details about a topic.

3. Inspiring Quotes

Visual Content Marketing QuotesWhat? Quotes, you say…they’re not visual, they’re words. Yes, true. But it all depends on how you present them.

Put your quotes on “cards” and this makes them visual. By this I mean, create an image like words on a box. You can use a photograph background and be sure to use different and interesting fonts for the quote.

To ensure your visual content marketing is successful with quotes, keep the colors on your quote cards congruent with your website.

Quote cards are very shareable over lots of social networks. This lets your reader interact with your site.

Use quotes that reflect the content on your site. Because quote cards are quick and easy to create you can include them on every post.

4. Branded Images

Visual Content MarketingUsing detailed branded images congruent with your website will help build your audience.

The images you use need to reflect your site’s unique angle.

“You can express your website’s message through imagery and color.”

You can capture your website’s message through imagery, color and composition.

Remember to include your business logo on your images if they’re going to be shared on social media.

Using detailed and branded images can help you gain 67% more audience attention[3].

Remember, visual content marketing, using branded images, relies on you sticking to the same colors and fonts to capture the essence of your website.

If you’re promoting a fitness product you might want to include images outdoors and the color of your logo might be green to reflect this fresh outdoors image. Whatever the essence is of your business, include congruent branded images to engage your audience.

5. Strong Calls-to-Action

Visual Content MarketingThere are some people who build a website and never include strong calls to action. They just expect it to succeed without directing their audience to any purpose.

This is clearly not the way to make money online.

Can you believe it…70% of small business lack any call to action on their home page[4].

A call to action button can be used to influence your readers to “Click Here”, “Buy Now”, “Follow Us On…” and more.

Call to action buttons should make it clear what they are for. For good visual content marketing results you need to make sure the writing on the button stands out. Obviously, don’t use dark blue text on a black background. This will not draw attention to the call to action.

You can use color and images to grab people’s attention. Direct them to the call to action.

Use strong calls to action to promote free opt-in offers, sales, events, bonuses and more.

6. Data Visuals

Visual Content MarketingHuman beings are visual creatures.

Articles with images get 94% more views than articles without[5].

If you’re going to include data, you need to make visual content for it.

Visual content marketing works wonderfully with data.

To include data statistics, think about using charts, graphs, diagrams and maps.

And remember to design your data images to keep the colors in line with your website theme colors.

With visual content marketing you can communicate important facts and figures in a more engaging way with the visitors to your site. This will keep them looking at what else you’ve got on that blog post.

7. Tips and Tricks

People on the net are always looking for more tips and tricks. We want to know how to do things faster and easier.

Use visual content to showcase tips and tricks like recipes, checklists, life-hacks, tutorials or other how-to information.

Visual Content MarketingBy using visual content marketing for these tips and tricks you make them seem more achievable. They’re also highly shareable in this format.

Putting tips and tricks into visual content can also make you seem like an authority on a subject. This helps engage your audience.

You can start using visual content marketing today

Visual content doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t need to be an experienced graphic designer to create good visual images.

As long as you pay attention to the colors, fonts and images and keep them congruent with your message, it will all come together. Try including visual content marketing on every blog post from now on and you’ll see an improvement.

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